40 Ultimate Curly Hairstyles with Bangs for Curl Lovers Everywhere

by Sorulariteam

1. Romantic Curly Hair with Bangs

This enchanting curly bob is tailored for individuals blessed with natural curls, boasting longer bangs that elegantly sweep across the eyebrows. Whether gracing the red carpet, lounging by the beach, or enjoying an intimate dinner, this versatile style complements any occasion.

2. Naturally Curly Hair

Embrace your natural curls with a modern shag style, perfect for medium to long hair lengths. What sets this style apart is its adaptability; you can maintain length in the front while enhancing curls closer to the roots for a chic and effortless look.

3. Curtain Bangs on Mid-Length Curls

For those who adore loose curls, this hairstyle is a standout choice. Adding face-framing curtain bangs elevates the elegance and femininity, while a touch of dirty blonde adds volume and sophistication to this refined cut.

4. Layered Natural Tendrils

Challenge the outdated belief that curly hair and bangs don’t mix by collaborating with a skilled stylist. Seamlessly blending bangs with layered locks results in a playful and voluminous hairstyle that exudes confidence and style.

5. Shaggy Cut with Curled Bangs

A timeless haircut suitable for all face shapes and hair textures, the shaggy cut remains a favorite. Revitalize your look with a curl refreshing spray to invigorate your locks and ensure they maintain their bounce and vitality.

6. Wavy Shag for Round Face

The shaggy cut offers a flattering solution for round-faced individuals, adding dimension with layered loose curls that elongate the face. Effortlessly styled, this cut can be transformed with a curling iron for those with naturally straight hair.

7. Hot Curly Bob

Trim your curls, add curly bangs, and instantly exude supermodel vibes. This transformation not only adds a youthful charm but also complements longer faces, effectively rejuvenating your overall appearance.

8. Extra Long Curly Hair

While mid-length cuts are often preferred by those with curly hair, long, luxurious curls are undeniably alluring. Incorporate short, choppy bangs to infuse vitality into your curls, elevating your style to new heights.

9. Curly Hair with Spirals and Bangs

Stay on-trend with an off-center part that seamlessly blends modern and retro elements into your curly hairstyle. Brow-grazing fringe and layered ends add an extra touch of sophistication to this effortlessly chic cut.

10. Perfect Curly Bob Cut

Transform your ordinary curly bob into a showstopper with minimal effort. Suitable for all hair types, this wash-and-go style features a layered cut that ensures flawless spirals every time.

11. Curly Hair with Highlights

Enhance the allure of your blonde curls with sandy blonde highlights, adding depth and dimension to your hairstyle. Lighter hues create an illusion of density, ensuring your look remains effortlessly chic.

12. Messy Layered Curls

Elevate your natural curl pattern with messy layers, injecting movement and volume into your hairstyle. This relaxed yet voluminous look exudes effortless charm and style.

13. Face Framing Curls

Achieve seamless transitions with easy-to-manage bangs designed specifically for curly hair. The continuous flow of layered curls, coupled with a dirty blonde hue, creates a weightless and captivating curly bob.

14. Curly Shag with Choppy Layers

Experience the transformative power of a top-heavy style featuring curly bangs and layered locks. This liberated and lifted style adds dimension and movement, particularly suitable for fine-haired individuals.

15. Cute 90’s Curly Hairstyle

Infuse an edgy vibe into your long, loose curls with straight wispy bangs, complementing oblong or oval face shapes effortlessly. The cohesive blend of textures creates a timeless yet contemporary look.

16. Mid-Length Corkscrews

Micro-curls paired with curly curtain bangs offer a divine combination, especially for those with naturally curly hair and brown tones. Nourishing oil-based products help achieve polished tight corkscrews with moderate hold.

17. Messy Red Curly Shag

Exude sultry elegance with a curtain fringe and voluminous messy waves, striking the perfect balance between touchable and effortlessly sexy. This style enhances curly texture while maintaining length for a captivating look.

18. Sassy Pixie Cut with Curly Bangs

Inject a touch of rock’n’roll into your style with a pixie cut, curly bangs, and vibrant highlights. This sassy and modern look adds an element of intrigue to your overall appearance.

19. Flawless Beach Waves

Embrace your natural waves with loose, beachy curls while curly bangs frame your face delicately. Achieve these stunning waves with a texturized spray for a carefree and effortlessly chic look.

20. Curtain Bangs for Shaggy Hair

Accentuate your features with curtain bangs that effortlessly highlight your eyes. This chic style exudes an aura of effortless elegance, flattering various face shapes from oval to heart-shaped.

21. Messy Medium Waves

Enhance the allure of bright blue eyes by pairing them with soft bangs. Introduce dark brown highlights into flaxen blonde waves to add depth and visual interest, ensuring a universally appealing look with charmingly tousled waves.

22. Golden Waves with Bangs

For distinct definition in your wavy locks, consider subtle variations in hues between the length and fringe. Deeply part the hair and sweep it to one side to seamlessly blend the blunt bangs, while using an oval paddle brush during drying creates a subtle bevel. Wrap any loose sections around a styling wand for added refinement.

23. Soft and Shaggy Bob

Embrace the timeless allure of a beautiful blonde bob, effortlessly blending allure and sophistication. Elevate the standard layered cut by infusing curls, adding both texture and volume to finer strands for captivating allure.

24. Cinnamon Shag

Exude a relaxed bohemian vibe with long, curly locks, featuring a tousled texture and lightness towards the tips, showcasing the chunky layers. The irregular texture complements prominent features and strong jawlines, easily styled with mousse for an effortless look.

25. Curlicue Shingle Bob

Discover the perfect blend of ethereal and edgy with a tapered neckline and choppy micro bangs for a contemporary twist on short, curly locks. Removing excess weight enhances bounce, while a rich chocolate hue adds depth to the airy ends.

26. Curly Layers with Bangs

Achieve a classic yet personalized look with evenly distributed curls throughout medium-length hair, accentuated by sweeping front layers and a golden brown shade. Angled bangs flatter the cheekbones and highlight the eyes, avoiding a blocky appearance.

27. Relaxed and Rumpled Corkscrews

For a modern twist on spiraled curls, embrace a slightly tousled aesthetic, with sparse curly bangs allowing strands to separate and articulate, creating a contrast in density. Post-drying, gently massage the hair to enhance volume and texture.

28. Bookish Brunette Babe

Navigate the challenge of styling curly hair with glasses by opting for side bangs that complement frames. Maintaining unbroken length at the sides and back ensures a polished look, preventing cowlicks for a refined appearance.

29. Chopped and Twisted

Incorporate popular color trends with a spiral technique, producing evenly curled effects complemented by choppy straight bangs and silver ombre ends for a chic finish.

30. Curly Pixie Cut

Challenge the fear of going short with natural curls by embracing a graduated pixie cut, providing structure and definition. Playful elongated tendrils in the front add a touch of whimsy to the style.

31. Curly Bob with Purple Streaks

Elevate spiral curls with a contemporary flair by opting for a deep purple hue, adding an edge to brunette curls. Semi-permanent formulas offer versatility without commitment, ensuring a stylish transformation.

32. Inverted Bob with Bangs

Achieve balance through angles and curves with an inverted bob featuring a sloped edge and subtle stacking, accentuated by cream highlights tracing individual coil patterns.

33. Playful Coiled Corona

Adorn shoulder-length tresses with a halo of corkscrews for a youthful and exuberant look, enhanced by a diffuser and mousse to elevate and expand curls, maintaining loose contours for a carefree vibe.

34. Wavy Half Up Half Down Style

Frame your face with eyebrow-skimming bangs paired with a half-up, half-down hairstyle, allowing curls to cascade freely while straightened bangs provide a chic contrast.

35. Tight Curls with Straight Bangs

Opt for volume and body in your curly hairstyle, complemented by short, blunt bangs for a bold statement, exemplified by Kathy Griffin’s signature look.

36. Side Parted Beach Waves

Long side bangs seamlessly blend with A-line bob hairstyles, exemplified by Eliza Coupe’s chic side-parted beach waves, exuding effortless elegance.

37. Swoopy Bangs for Layered Waves

Long swoopy bangs beautifully complement layered waves, offering a flattering option for curly hair, as demonstrated by Sandra Taylor’s stylish look.

38. Wavy Hair with Choppy Bangs

Exude casual chic with naturally wavy bangs, as showcased by Laura Dern’s carefree hairstyle, adding an effortless charm to any look.

39. Short and Curly Pixie Cut

Infuse youthfulness and chicness into your style with a short pixie cut featuring bangs, easy to style and maintain with foams or mousses, as seen on Selenis Leyva.

What Makes Curly Bangs a Must-Have Accessory for Curly Hairstyles?

Adorable curly hairstyles prove curls ultimate accessory. Adding curly bangs to your curly hairstyle brings a whole new level of charm. These bouncy and playful bangs complement the natural texture of curls, adding volume and framing your face beautifully. Curly bangs enhance the overall look and create a unique, eye-catching style that is a must-have for any curly-haired individual.

40. Long Glamorous Bangs

Accentuate natural curls with glamorous long wavy bangs, adding volume for a stunning look, epitomized by Anna Chapman’s glamorous hairstyle.

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