50 Unique Medium Shag Haircuts for a Personalized Lookmedium shag haircut

by Sorulariteam

1. Medium Curly Shag

This mid-length hairstyle is elevated by curls that introduce an element of surprise and create significant volume!

Curly Brunette Shag for Medium Hair

2. Copper Medium Shag with Feathered Ends

This vibrant red cut, while featuring extensive layering around the face and at the ends, manages to maintain a gentle appearance on fine hair, enhancing its volume and movement.

Feathered Medium Shag for Fine Hair

3. Super Short Layered Shag

Embrace a bold aesthetic with this short and stylish haircut!

Medium Shag with Shorter Layers

4. Chic Shaggy Cut with Front Bangs

Indeed, a shaggy hairstyle can embody chicness. The addition of front bangs immediately provides facial framing, and the medium shag cut offers a modern and stylish appearance.

Med Shag with Front Bangs

5. Chunky Layers for Thick Hair

Notice the way layers can bring out the best in your medium to thick hair!

Medium Thick Cut with Chunky Layers

6. Medium Curly Shag

Elevate your curly hairstyle with this tousled, bold look!

Messy Edgy Curly Shag for Medium Hair

7. Light Brown Soft Haircut

Long layers paired with this wavy texture render your hair incredibly smooth and soft, making it suitable for both thin and thick hair types.

Medium Wavy Light Brown Haircut

8. Beige Blonde Shoulder-Length Shag with Lush Curtain Bangs

This tousled shag haircut features numerous short layers, ideal for creating volume in thin hair and enhancing the shape at the front with long, lush bangs.

Tousled Shoulder Length Shaggy Cut

9. Undone Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Pieces

Discover how medium shag haircuts can enhance the fullness at the lower half of your hair by combining sliced ends in face-framing layers with almost blunt tips throughout the perimeter.

Messy Face Framing Shag

10. Simple Waves

Achieving this elegant style is a quick task, requiring around 10 minutes. A light curling adds texture and volume, while a gentle tousle brings it all together.

Classy Shag with Waves

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