30 Bold and Beautiful Undercut Pixie Styles for a Total Transformation

by Sorulariteam

Let’s Go Copper

This vibrant pixie exudes youthful energy and freshness, attributed to its voluminous bangs and the vivid copper hue. The longer undercut adds a touch of classic pixie charm, making it an excellent choice, especially for those new to undercuts.


Add Some Drama

Achieve a perfect blend of femininity and edginess with a side-swept undercut pixie. The side-swept style exudes a genuine ladylike vibe, while the undercut reveals your inner rebel. Subtle highlights enhance the overall look, adding a magical touch that makes your eyes shine.

Eye catching Choppy Undercut Pixie

Rock Like a Rock Star

Unleash your inner rock star with a piecey pixie featuring an undercut. Beyond lightening the weight of thick hair, this style makes a bold statement, perfectly suited for those with a hidden rock star soul.

Short Feathered Hair with Undercut

A Case for Blondes

Explore the hot and feminine allure of blonde hair by combining a cute blonde pixie with a bold undercut. This captivating combination, adorned with subtle shadow root and blonde highlights, creates a mind-blowing effect. Ensure you have the right products to maintain the heavily side-swept top.

Thick Hair Pixie Undercut with Bangs

Striking Contrast

Opt for a pixie bob with a super short undercut for a striking contrast that tames thick tresses and makes a bold statement. Elevate the look with a shadow root and strategically placed blonde highlights, turning heads wherever you go.

Youthful Undercut Pixie with Highlights

Look at the Bold Side

If your thick hair matches a powerful personality, embrace a pixie cut with an ultra-short side undercut and super-long bangs. The shorter layers at the top effectively reduce bulk while adding airy volume for a style that will leave an impression.

Undercut Candy Floss Pixie

A Case for an Undercut Newbie

Dip your toes into the undercut trend by starting small with a longer undercut that contrasts with the rest of your hair. It’s a subtle way to test if this daring style is the right fit for you.

Womens Faded Undercut with Pompadour

Undercut Fade

Craving something unique and fresh? Consider an undercut fade with a shaved design hidden under longer tresses of a pixie bob. Whether you reveal the daring fade or wear your pixie bob straight and sleek, it’s a truly head-turning option.

Short Lavender Undercut Pixie

Spiky Attitude

Embrace a daring yet elegant style with sharp lines, a spiky top, and an elaborate fade undercut. This low-maintenance pixie for thick hair features no bangs or layers, offering a bold and stylish look.

Funky Pixie Undercut with Blonde Highlights

Messy Perfection

Long messy layers paired with a bold undercut create an outstanding look. Sliced layers effectively reduce the bulk of thick hair, while the undercut seamlessly blends into baby hairs in the front, achieving the trendy undone aesthetic.

Undercut Pixie with V Cut Nape

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