About US

Who We Are

Sorulari was founded in 2024 with a vision to redefine the landscape of hair fashion and to become a beacon for those who are bold enough to redefine their hair identity. Our digital space is a testament to the transformative power of hair, offering state-of-the-art hairstyle trends, pioneering hair care techniques, and an unending stream of inspiration for anyone looking to make a statement with their hair.

Our goal at Sorulari is to cultivate a dynamic, supportive community that thrives on innovation, diversity, and the shared joy of exploring the myriad possibilities of hair styling.

Editorial Guidelines

Sorulari is where creativity meets hair fashion. We are dedicated to providing a platform that is informative, inspiring, and inclusive, celebrating every hair type, style, and cultural background. Our commitment is to authenticity, excellence, and empowerment, ensuring that our content not only enlightens but also supports our readers in their journey to finding their unique hair voice.

The Sorulari Editorial Team

Our purpose is to ignite your imagination and accompany you on your path to discovering your ideal hair persona. We offer expert guidance, the latest trend analysis, and genuine product reviews to empower you to achieve your hair aspirations.

Cameron Blake

Cameron Blake, Founder and Visionary Leader

With a pioneering spirit and over two decades in the beauty industry, Cameron Blake’s mission for Sorulari is to inspire a revolution in hair fashion. Cameron’s innovative approach and commitment to inclusivity are the driving forces behind Sorulari’s quest to challenge the conventional norms of hairstyling. Learn more about Cameron.

Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan, Editorial Chief

Alex Jordan brings their expertise in storytelling and a deep understanding of the beauty landscape to curate content that captivates and motivates our audience. With a finger on the pulse of hair fashion, Alex’s leadership ensures that Sorulari’s content is always at the cutting edge. Learn more about Alex.

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor, Trends Analyst and Review Editor

Sam Taylor’s role at Sorulari involves critically evaluating the latest haircare innovations and styling trends. Sam’s insights help guide our readers through the ever-changing world of hair fashion, providing them with the knowledge to make empowered styling decisions. Learn more about Sam.

Jordan McKenzie

Jordan McKenzie, Strategy and Engagement Director

Jordan McKenzie’s expertise in audience engagement and digital strategies has been instrumental in shaping Sorulari into a leading voice in hair fashion online. Jordan’s innovative approaches ensure that our content resonates with and reaches a wide and diverse audience. Learn more about Jordan.

Taylor Nguyen

Taylor Nguyen, Sustainability Advocate and Contributor

Taylor Nguyen enriches Sorulari with content that bridges the gap between hair fashion and environmental consciousness. Focusing on sustainable practices within the beauty industry, Taylor’s work encourages our community to make choices that are both stylish and responsible. Learn more about Taylor.