50 Bold Blunt Bob Hairstyles to Rock This Season

by Sorulariteam

1. Short Bob Cut with Balayage

Explore the sleek and chic world of messy hairstyles with this short blunt cut bob featuring balayage highlights. Balayage adds texture and volume, elevating the style to a new level of elegance. Request a one-length blunt cut with a middle part from your hairstylist to maintain the maximum density of this trendy hairdo.


2. Blonde Bob Cut with a Middle Part

Blunt bob hairstyles exude both style and romance, as seen in this simple yet charming cut with a middle part. Textured waves enhance the voluminous and dense appearance of this chic blonde bob, adding an extra touch of allure.

Neck Length Soft Piece y Bob

3. Chin-Length Blunt Black Hair

For a trendy and supermodel-inspired look, opt for this sleek blunt cut that promises to turn heads. This hairstyle, partly inspired by Natalie Portman in Leon Killer, captures attention with its chic simplicity, emphasizing a no-fringe exception for a unique twist.

Short Blunt Bob for Thin Hair

4. Sleek Blunt Cut Bob with Bangs

Long blunt hairstyles project a sense of sophistication, especially for those with dark, thick hair. However, for individuals with thinner tresses, caution is advised, as this hairstyle may accentuate stringiness. Ensure this fancy and classy look complements your hair type.

Edgy Straight Chin Length Bob

5. Dark Blunt Cut with Beach Waves

Combining straight and wavy textures, this hairdo achieves well-balanced and moderately voluminous tresses. Widely recognized by hairstylists as a perfect frame for enhancing facial features, this blunt cut bob is suitable for various hair types.

Classy Blunt Bob with Bangs

6. Classic Bob with Blunt Bangs

Designed for true fashionistas, this bob cut with blunt bangs embraces shorter length styles expected to trend. Witness how this bob adds extra shape and volume to the hair, presenting a perfect match for those seeking a classic yet super chic and easy-to-style hairdo.

Elegant Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

7. Asymmetrical Mid-Length Bob

The asymmetrical cut transforms straight hair into a cute and trendy hairstyle, particularly flattering for those with square face shapes. Embrace the charm of this pretty and stylish asymmetrical mid-length bob.

Blunt Blonde Bob with Highlights

8. Stylish Blunt with a Side Part

The blunt bob proves its versatility with both straight and wavy hair, as showcased in this example with a side part. This option adds volume and fullness to your tresses, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a textured and unique style.

Blunt Bob for Blonde Girls

9. Neck-Length Blunt Hair

Enhance the voluminous and chic appeal of straight hair with a stunning neck-length blunt cut bob. This easy-to-style hairdo eliminates the need for frequent salon visits, allowing you to effortlessly maintain gorgeous hairstyling.

Elegant Blunt Bob with Highlights

10. Blunt Bob for Fine Hair

Achieve a chic and trendy look for natural hair with this elegant blunt cut bob. The sharp straight cuts suit round, heart-shaped, and oval faces, creating an illusion of a more voluminous hairstyle, particularly ideal for thin hair.

Shoulder Length Messy Wavy Bob

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