50 Stunning Short Curly Haircuts for Effortlessly Chic Vibes

by Sorulariteam

1. Voluminous Curls

Back in the past, having naturally curly hair and bangs was discouraged. However, looking back, it’s clear how arbitrary those rules were. Breaking such norms can lead to exciting and fun results, especially in the realm of hair and fashion. Curls, in particular, can beautifully frame the face or accentuate the eyes, making them a perfect match for bangs. This short curly hairstyle acts as a radiant halo around the face, suitable for any curl type.

2. Shiny Chin Length Curls with Long Bangs

Achieving shiny curls is crucial for any hairstyle. This particular cut offers the ideal length for those wanting to keep their naturally curly hair off their shoulders while maintaining more length on top and around the face. If you prefer longer side-parted curly bangs, this style is undoubtedly tailored for you. It’s an excellent choice, especially for women with thick curly hair.

3. Curly Pixie

Curly pixie cuts are exceptional for showcasing both your facial features and eyes. By adding some highlights to your hair color, you’ll instantly witness a transformation, seeing a whole new version of yourself rocking your short curly hair in the mirror.

4. Shoulder Length Brown Messy Bob

Wearing curls and waves at shoulder length is universally flattering. It not only frames the face but also directs attention to the eyes. This short, messy curly bob offers ample volume and is an excellent conservative option for a short haircut.

5. Shaggy Short Curly Pixie

This style grants your curls the freedom to express themselves fully. Its fun and playful nature, combined with the uniqueness of each curl pattern, allows you to personalize this carefree short curly hairstyle. It’s especially recommended for those with thick curly hair.

6. Platinium Blonde Tapered Coils

The tapered cut on tight coils is a popular choice among women preferring shorter natural hair. Its laid-back yet edgy vibe, coupled with easy maintenance, makes it highly appealing. Vibrant colors like platinum blonde offer further opportunities for creativity and self-expression.

7. Short Cut with Long Bangs

For those seeking short hairstyles that keep curly hair off the neck and back while incorporating longer curly bangs, this style is ideal. The varying lengths of curls in this cut create a dynamic short curly hairstyle, offering a unique look from every angle.

8. Super Short Tapered Curls

This tapered cut on glossy black curls is undeniably bold. The way the curls cascade onto the forehead to form curly bangs is simply captivating. The curved hairline and the taper fade demonstrate the myriad ways to make short curly haircuts both interesting and cool.

9. Short Strawberry Blonde Curls

Trimming your hair can inject new vitality into your curls. The fullness and vibrancy of this short curly hairstyle, enhanced by its lively color, represent a striking transformation. It’s a definite upgrade from dull to fabulous, and we’re here for it.

10. Messy Pixie

Fun, youthful, effortless, and elegant—these are the hallmarks of a pixie cut, particularly this messy, tousled variation. If you desire an easy-to-maintain style for your short curly hair that exudes effortlessness, look no further than this tousled pixie cut.

11. Chin Length Curly Bob with Bangs

Discovering the perfect curly bangs can be transformative. Short haircuts instantly add fullness and volume, creating lively curls with shape and movement. Customizable bangs can accentuate your face shape and eyebrows, making this cut perfect for you. It’s particularly suitable for those with loose curls.

12. Short Curly Pixie on Brunette Hair

Short haircuts significantly reduce styling time and hassle, especially during mornings. This low-maintenance cut leaves curls soft and fluffy, simplifying your morning routine for styling your curly locks.

13. Blonde Messy Layered Cut

Ideal for oval or round faces, this messy cut frames the face beautifully, allowing the natural texture of your curls to shine through. Despite its short length, cuts like these provide enough versatility for various short curly updos.

14. Super Short Pink Curls

Experimenting with color is always encouraged. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your personality and add flair and excitement to your hairstyle.

15. Classic Shoulder Length Curly Bob

A timeless classic, the shoulder-length curly bob strikes a balance between length and manageability, saving you time, products, and effort in styling and maintenance. It’s a superb choice for thick hair.

16. Black and Red Curls

These black and red curls exemplify how color can elevate a hairstyle from good to outstanding. The strategic placement of red highlights to frame the face offers a refreshing twist to traditional coloring techniques.

17. Tousled Waves with Bangs

The loose, long waves contribute to the overall relaxed vibe of this style. It’s effortlessly soft and textured, with a wash-and-wear appeal that many desire. Perfect for those who prefer shoulder-length wavy hairstyles.

18. Brunette Waves

This low-maintenance cut suits curly-haired individuals who prefer uniform length. It frames the face elegantly, offering longer layers around the face and the flexibility to part the hair as desired.

19. Black and Gray Curls with Cropped Bangs

The timeless combination of black and white or gray hair receives a contemporary twist in this style. The blend of colors in the bangs adds an intriguing dimension to the overall look.

20. Short Curly Natural Hair

Short curly hairstyles complement natural hair textures exceptionally well. This beautiful and flattering shape, characterized by a mix of defined and undefined curls, is unique to short natural curly hair.

21. Voluminous Curly Bob

Embrace the natural volume and density of curly hair with this cut. The long bangs and movement add further appeal to this style, making it an excellent choice for those aiming for shoulder-length curls.

22. Edgy Tapered Pixie

Extremely short curly hairstyles like this one focus squarely on highlighting the face. Its minimalist approach requires minimal maintenance while accentuating the facial structure.

23. Short Curly Bob with Face Framing Color

While green might not be a conventional hair color, embracing unique hues can result in a look that’s both striking and confidence-boosting. Unconventional color choices truly reflect your personality and are bound to make heads turn.

24. Super Short Copper Tapered Cut

Super short tapered cuts on natural hair allow facial features to take center stage, creating a bold and distinctive look.

25. Loose Shoulder Length Waves

This effortless wash-and-go style exudes a tousled, bedhead charm. Its soft, textured appearance adds volume, depth, and movement, making it perfect for those with naturally wavy short hair.

26. Tight Red Ringlets

We adore these compact curls! This style showcases tight ringlets that are precisely defined, framing the face with a rich, deep hue that exudes a retro flair.

27. Large Red Curls

Bold and stunning, this attention-grabbing haircut is characterized by voluminous curls in a vibrant red shade. This cute hairstyle is bound to capture attention wherever you go, making you the center of attraction.

28. Voluminous Blonde Tipped Ringlets

Display your stunning ringlets with this short haircut featuring well-defined curls full of volume and bounce. The abundance of bouncy curls creates a remarkably feminine look, perfect for showcasing your natural beauty. Additionally, the length allows for versatility, including styling into a short curly updo for special occasions.

29. Sun-Kissed Curly Afro

Effortlessly chic, this sun-kissed curly afro offers a fresh and stylish look. The delightful combination of colors complements darker skin tones while remaining versatile for other skin tones as well.

30. Messy Asymmetric Curly Pixie

Fluffy and asymmetric, this messy cut concentrates volume on one side, aided by an undercut. It’s a highly low-maintenance option for short curly hairstyles.

31. Angular Inverted Bob with Undercut

Combining an undercut with angular curls that frame the face, this short bob offers a structured yet relaxed look. Easy to manage, it’s a straightforward choice for short curly hairstyles.

32. Curly Bob with Shaved Temple

This curly bob stands out with its shaved temple, adding an edgy touch to the style. Ideal for those seeking a bold and personalized look.

33. Messy Waves with Bangs

Effortless and carefree, this style features chin-length messy waves with wispy bangs. Its light and airy appearance requires minimal styling, making it perfect for a wash-and-go routine.

34. High Top Pixie Cut

Keeping the sides short while maintaining length and texture on top allows your curls to shine while keeping maintenance relatively easy. The tousled nature of this hairstyle means you don’t have to worry about perfecting every curl for day-to-day styling.

35. Tight Messy Ringlets

Tight messy ringlets offer a fun and voluminous look, whether styled messily or more defined, adding simplicity and beauty to any appearance.

36. Short and Shaggy

Effortless and youthful, this short, shaggy cut is easy to maintain daily. It highlights facial features while remaining resilient to humidity, making it a must-try for curly hair.

37. Curly Faux Hawk

This short cut channels curls to the center while keeping the sides low, creating a faux hawk. The longer front curls allow for versatile styling options, adding to its appeal.

38. Lush Highlighted Curls

Even at shoulder length, a well-shaped haircut adds volume and movement to curly hair, enhancing its beauty and versatility.

39. Short Sides Curly Top

Concentrating length and curls on the top while keeping the sides short is a common approach for short curly hairstyles, resulting in a stylish and manageable pixie cut.

40. Soft Tapered Pixie Cut

Featuring soft curls and curly bangs, this tapered pixie cut flatters all face shapes and is relatively low maintenance, making it suitable for various curl types.

41. Copper Curls with Long Blunt Bangs

The vibrant hue and long blunt bangs create a bold statement, ideal for those seeking an edgy and daring look.

42. Tapered Cut on Tight Natural Curls

This tapered cut accentuates tight natural curls beautifully, offering volume and density without compromising on style.

43. Short Bedhead Curls

Wild and carefree, these messy curls exude personality and charm, adding a delightful touch to any look.

44. Shaggy Black Bob with Bangs

The relaxed vibe of this shaggy black bob, with or without bangs, offers a low-maintenance yet chic appearance, perfect for thick curly hair.

45. Chunky Brunette Curls

This chunky, messy curly bob, featuring curly bangs, presents a unique take on a popular style, embracing the natural wildness of curls for a distinct look.

46. Soft Blonde Curls

With its soft and feminine vibe, this baby blonde look, coupled with short curly bangs, creates a delicate and elegant appearance.

47. Curly Cut with Blue and Red Highlights

Fun and vibrant, this style features blue and red highlights arranged to frame the face, adding flair to loose, relaxed curls for easy maintenance.

48. Messy Ringlets with Curly Fringe

Fun, flirty, and feminine, this hairstyle combines messy ringlets with a curly fringe for a versatile and sexy short haircut.

49. Messy Layered Curls

Messy styles work wonders for short curly hair, embracing the natural imperfection of curls for a lively and dynamic look.

Can a Curly Wolf Cut be Included in the List of Stunning Short Curly Haircuts?

Curly wolf cut is undoubtedly a stunning short curly haircut. To achieve the perfect look, knowing how to achieve curly wolf cut is essential. This trendy style encompasses a shorter length on the sides and longer strands on top. The result is a wild, yet elegant appearance that beautifully showcases the natural curls.

50. Layered Round Cut

Flattering for all face shapes and curl types, this layered round cut offers versatility and style, ensuring your short natural curls look fabulous day in and day out.

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