50 Stunning Haircuts for Thick Hair for Easy Styling

by Sorulariteam

1. Face-Framing Layers

Imagining the ideal hairstyles for dense hair often conjures up visions of long, sleek tresses. Elevate this concept with layers that gracefully frame the face, creating a sophisticated and attractive look.


2. Butterfly Cut with Beige Balayage

The butterfly cut stands out not only for its contemporary appeal but also for offering one of the most complimentary styles for long, thick hair. It effectively reduces bulk and enhances volume at the crown, while maintaining length and overall shape.

Long Thick Haircut with Butterfly Layers

3. Long Layers

For those committed to preserving their long hair, introducing a mix of short and long layers prevents the hair from appearing limp, simultaneously highlighting soft waves for added texture.

Long Haircut with Short and Long Layers

4. Sophisticated Pixie

Pixie cuts are exceptionally suited for those with voluminous hair, significantly cutting down styling time and subtly showcasing the natural thickness of the hair.

Reddish Brunette Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

5. Smoky Mauve Bob

For those hesitant about silver tones but eager to explore color, mauve is an excellent choice, deserving prime consideration for its unique appeal.

Wavy Brown and Mauve Long Bob

6. Medium-Length Choppy Haircut

A medium-length, choppy haircut can make thick hair feel lighter and more manageable. The style incorporates uneven layers with jagged ends, creating an impression of weightlessness, further enhanced by strategic highlights.

Medium Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

7. Thick Hair Cut with Highlighted Waves

This haircut transforms thick, wavy hair into a vision of elegance, boasting sleekness, length, and a captivating sheen. The addition of a chestnut-brown balayage over dark brunette hair introduces an exotic touch, easily achievable with similar cutting techniques and styling.

Long Haircut with Waves for Thick Hair

8. Pretty Bed-Head Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Embrace the natural texture of unruly, thick hair by opting for a flattering, messy look. A shoulder-length cut with layered thinning and a touch of tousle will let your hair’s natural beauty shine through.

Shoulder Length Cut for Thick Hair

9. Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers

Layered cuts are an exquisite choice for those with thick hair, offering an easy-care approach while ensuring texture, volume, and bounce are effortlessly achieved.

Low Maintenance Layered Cut for Long Thick Hair

10. Natural Waves for Thick Hair

Mastering thick, coarse hair can be challenging, but the right hairstyle, such as natural-looking waves, can beautifully shape and tame your locks. A smoothing serum can enhance the effect.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle for Thick Coarse Hair

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