30 Gorgeous Dirty Blonde Balayage Styles for Every Hair Type

by Sorulariteam-a

1. Dirty Blonde Hair with a Money Piece

Adorn your dirty blonde locks with a lighter blonde money piece to enhance your complexion, especially for those with blue eyes. Investing in purple shampoo is key to maintaining brass-free brilliance.


2. Blonde Color Melt

Achieve a captivating contrast by blending cool, warm, and dark blonde highlights for a striking yet authentic look. This harmonious blend of light and shadow adds depth to your hair, appearing different under various lighting conditions.


3. Dark Dishwater Blonde

Embrace a hue that leans more towards brunette than blonde with dark dishwater blonde. Ideal for those transitioning from highlighted hair to a more natural look.


4. All-Over Cool Blonde

Opt for a refreshing twist on traditional honey blonde with an all-over light, silvery cool blonde. This neutral, pearly shade complements cooler undertones.


5. Natural Color Waves

Enhance your natural hair with effortless waves and subtle blonde accents, akin to the iconic style of Jennifer Aniston.


6. Icy Blonde Shaggy Bob

Elevate your dirty blonde locks with icy blonde highlights and tousled curls for added dimension and movement, whether in a short or long bob style.


7. Golden Bronze Blonde

Experience a seamless transition from dark bronze roots to a lighter golden blonde, creating a captivating ombre effect.


8. Dark Roots and Icy Cool Ends

Start with dark roots that seamlessly blend into icy cool ends, complemented by a textured long bob hairstyle for a dynamic look.


9. Beachy Waves with Blonde Highlights

Channel bohemian vibes with beachy waves adorned with light blonde highlights, a style embraced by many fashion icons and actresses.


10. Dark Locks with Caramel Highlights

Illuminate your long locks with warm caramel highlights and loose waves, a versatile choice that complements various hair colors.


11. The Perfect Balance of Blonde and Brunette

Indecisive between blonde and brunette? Opt for a blend of both, affectionately known as “Blondette.”


What Blonde Hair Colors Work Best for Different Hair Types?

Finding the perfect blonde hair color for different hair types can be a challenge, but there are options that work well. For those with irresistible blonde curly hairstyles, golden blonde or honey blonde shades can complement the natural texture and create a stunning, eye-catching look.

12. Cool Dirty Blonde Balayage

Elevate your natural tone with a trendy cool dirty blonde balayage, showcasing ashy hues for a chic and stylish look.


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