53 Stunning Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Styles for 2024

by Sorulariteam-a

1: Copper Highlights

If you desire a casual and textured look for your hair, consider trying copper highlights on brown hair. These highlights create an effortless yet sassy style. To maintain this look, I recommend using Biolage Color Last shampoo, which preserves the copper tones and complements dark brown and hazel eyes, or those with green eyes and warm skin tones.


2: Choppy Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Achieve a striking look with choppy dark brown hair paired with blonde highlights. This contrast of light and dark can enhance any style, especially when focusing on face-framing highlights. Consult with a stylist to determine the best color options, and finish off with a clear gloss or toning the gloss for added dimension.


3: Dark Brunette Fine Hair with Highlights

To add density to fine, dark brunette hair, consider incorporating highlights. Opt for a foilayage technique, specifically requesting a caramel foilayage from your stylist to achieve the desired results.


4: Glowing Contoured Dark Brown Hair

Stand out with glowing contoured dark brown hair, designed to enhance your features with rich tones and contours. This hairstyle adds radiant shine and prevents a flat appearance. Prior to styling, use a heat protectant spray to safeguard against heat damage or color fading.


5: Thick Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Easily elevate thick dark brown hair with caramel highlights, adding warmth and dimension to your locks. Ensure a natural look that complements your skin tone by consulting with an experienced colorist to strike the perfect balance and avoid a brassy effect.


6: Dark Brunette with Hazelnut Tones

For warmth and dimension, opt for hazelnut-toned highlights on dark brunette hair. This technique seamlessly blends natural-looking highlights throughout the hair, offering a sun-kissed effect suitable for medium to dark skin tones.


7: Amazing Long Thick Dark Brunette Hair with Highlights

Embrace an amazing long thick dark brunette hair with face-framing highlights, ideal for contouring your face shape and brightening your color. This low-maintenance technique ensures a natural-looking result.


8: Dark Brown Long Hair with Light Pink Streaks

Experiment with long dark brown hair featuring light pink streaks for a playful touch. Ensure to maintain the color with at-home pink toning shampoo or conditioner to prevent fading.


9: Subtle Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

Achieve a simple and elegant look with subtle highlights on dark brown hair, perfect for easy-going individuals seeking a natural change that’s easy to manage and transition to.


10: Effortless Dimensional Curls

Opt for effortless dimensional curls by customizing your look with placement color to achieve the desired contrast and intensity. Use a gentle product to maintain your curls while allowing the colors to pop, such as L’Oreal DIA Richesse Demi-Permanent Crème Haircolor in chocolate.


11: Gorgeous Dark Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Enhance solid dark brown hair with gorgeous caramel highlights, adding dimension and shine for a stunning look.


Are Dark Brown Hair Color Trends the Same as Dark Brown Hair with Highlights Styles?

Yes, gorgeous dark brown hair color and dark brown hair with highlights styles are not the same. While dark brown hair color trends give a uniform deep hue, dark brown hair with highlights adds dimension and depth with strategically placed lighter tones. Both are popular, but they offer different looks.

12: Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Add dimension to rich brown hair with subtle balayage blonde highlights, creating a ribboned look that adds shape and dimension to your haircut.


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