60 Trendy Updos for Medium Hair for a Modern Look

by Sorulariteam

1. Chunky Braid Updo

Casual updos can be a statement, as seen in this chic Chunky Braid Updo. The French braid, with its exaggerated weaving, exudes cool and effortlessness. From brunch with the girls to days at work, this laid-back look adapts seamlessly. Elevate its formality with accessories for a touch of glamour.


2. Blonde Bouffant Up Do

Fine hair gets a boost with the Blonde Bouffant Up Do. The challenge of flatness is overcome by creating height through a big bouffant at the crown. Ideal for light-colored hair, this updo adds volume and prevents the scalp from peeking through. Perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Loose Messy Updo with a Bouffant

3. Fancy Roll for Medium Hair

Elevate your style with the Fancy Roll for Medium Hair. This messy looped updo gains visual interest with chunky highlights, creating a swirled mix of caramel and coffee hues. The simplicity of the style harmonizes with the complexity of the twisted highlights, making it a perfect choice for various occasions.

Updo for Shorter Hair

4. Cute Loopy Twisted Updo

Medium hair can rock a beautiful updo with the Cute Loopy Twisted Updo. The twisted style adds thickness and volume, making fine hair look super chic. Perfect for weddings, this updo allows for personalization with small flowers or jeweled barrettes for added detail and elegance.

Twisted Updo For Fine Medium Length Hair

5. French Roll for Thin Medium Hair

Discover the charm of the French Roll for Thin Medium Hair. This formal hairstyle enhances thin hair, making it look luscious without the need for extensions. Loosening a few strands around the face adds softness to the overall look, combining sophistication with simplicity.

Formal French Roll Updo For Shoulder Length Hair

6. Formal Sleek Looped Updo

Intricate details define the Formal Sleek Looped Updo. The looping and weaving create a visually intriguing and refined appearance. A couple of tendrils let down around the face add a touch of romance and endearing charm to this formal updo.

Polished Low Updo for Long Hair

7. Mid-Length Updo for Highlighted Hair

Arm yourself with essentials to create the perfect Mid-Length Updo for Highlighted Hair. Utilizing texture powder, bobby pins, and a teasing comb, transform straight, fine locks into a stylish low bun. While messy updos remain timeless, adding shiny accessories brings sophistication to this trendy style.

Fancy DIY Chignon for Medium Hair

8. Voluminous Messy Bun for Medium Hair

Effortless elegance is captured in the Voluminous Messy Bun for Medium Hair. Ideal for those rushed mornings, this easy messy bun exudes a flirty and feminine vibe. The key is to keep it intentionally undone, allowing loose strands to frame the face for a carefree and chic appearance.

Easy Messy Bun Updo For Medium Hair

9. Fancy Loopy Updo for Medium Hair

Diverse styles define updos for medium hair, including the Fancy Loopy Updo. This playful style, complemented by bangs, exudes girly delicacy. Suitable for various occasions, the loopy elements add a touch of whimsy, creating a unique and eye-catching updo.

Updo For Medium Hair With Bangs

10. Messy Updo for Bob Length Hair

Texture takes center stage in the Messy Updo for Bob Length Hair. Whether tightly wrapped or flowing down the back, the piecey layered look combined with waves earns compliments. Elevate the style with a balayage for added dimension and flair.

Tousled Updo for Medium Fine Hair

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