60 Stunning Long Shag Hairstyles for Laid-Back Elegance

by Sorulariteam

1. Blondie Bombshell

This enticing long shag hairstyle is perfect for managing extremely thick hair. Its shaggy layers are carefully distributed across multiple levels, showcasing striking highlights on the upper sections and contrasting with darker lowlights below.


2. Razored Wavy Shag with Light Bangs

Echoing the iconic styles of the 1970s, this hairstyle features razored layers complemented by light, eyebrow-grazing bangs. The look is deliberately messy and slightly tousled, with uneven layers that drop to the mid-chest, emanating a rock-n-roll essence.


3. Razored Shag for Long Thick Hair

A long shag cut enriched with highlights offers a chic look for both date nights and seaside escapades. The added layers bring about a textured, edgy feel, ideal for those casual days. When thick hair becomes cumbersome, a fashionable messy bun serves as a quick solution.


4. Frizzy Choppy Long Shag Hairstyle

Beginning slightly above the shoulders, these shaggy layers embody the ultimate beach hair aesthetic. Achieve additional volume with a beach texture spray, and combat humidity-induced frizz with a reliable anti-frizz product post-styling.


5. Golden Bronde Razored Shag for Long Hair

The brilliance of golden strands shines under the sun, becoming even more radiant during beach outings. For those who find the length excessive, the layered shag can be modified into a long bob or a cut that grazes the shoulders.


6. Textured Shag with Warm Brown Balayage

This long shag haircut is an ode to the effortlessly cool tomboy within. Featuring wavy bangs and textured layers that subtly frame the face, it adds significant volume to fine hair, enhancing its natural texture.


7. Layered Copper Brown Cut for Thick Hair

Shag cuts for thick-haired women vary widely, yet a layered, choppy style stands out for its effectiveness. Incorporating side-swept bangs and wavy layers that softly curl at the jawline, this style also serves to visually lengthen the neck.


8. Warm-Toned Wavy Brunette Shag Hairstyle

Fashionable and adaptable, the long shag with bangs fits seamlessly into both professional and casual settings. Sidestepping the bangs not only tames them but also accentuates the face more prominently.


9. Shagged, Flipped, and Tousled

Ideal for those seeking an Instagram-worthy appearance, this hairstyle boasts sleek, extreme layers that create a voluminous and lively look. The layers, though not shaggy, are meticulously designed to offer bounce and a sense of movement.


10. Shag to the Extreme

With its audaciously varied layer lengths, this shag haircut symbolizes a strong personality filled with confidence. The modern rendition of this cut provides a softer, more elongated version of the traditional shag, updating a classic silhouette.


11. Long Chestnut Brown Shag

The versatility of long shag haircuts lies in their ability to be tailored to virtually any hair type through adjustments in layer length and density. This style, with its rich chestnut hue, features bold bangs and a mix of thick and thin layers, with slight tonal variations that highlight the cut’s texture.


12. Long Choppy Hair with Feathering

A long shag cut can dramatically transform fine hair, with feathered ends and light framing around the face adding significant volume. This technique ensures every strand flows freely, eliminating any chance of flatness.


13. Gorgeous Long Light Brown Shag

The refined light brown hue stands in beautiful contrast to the disordered shag layers. Maintaining this color, especially prone to fading, requires the use of color-preserving, sulfate-free care products and a deep conditioning treatment to boost shine and health in colored, damaged strands.


14. Shiny Black Haircut with Flicked Layers

For those with layered cuts, flipping the ends upwards during blow-drying can create a dynamic, feathered look. The inherent uniformity of black hair is disrupted by layers of varying lengths, injecting life and movement into the style, with a preference for sleek and glossy finishing techniques.


Which Long Haircut Style is Best for a Low-Maintenance Look?

For a low-maintenance look, consider the stylish long hair with bangs. This haircut allows for easy styling without sacrificing a fashionable appearance. The bangs add a touch of elegance, while the long length provides versatility. Whether you wear it down or in a ponytail, this style is perfect for those with a busy schedule.

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