40+ Must-See Curly Bob Hairstyles Before Your Next Hair Appointment

by Sorulariteam

1: Soft and Relaxed Curly Bob

Immerse yourself in the elegance of a softly curled bob that gracefully skims above the shoulders. To capture this lovely aesthetic, request medium layers to infuse the hair with texture, promoting movement and volume. Opt for layers that frame the face, lending a delicate softness around the cheeks. For a polished look, refine the curls on the upper layers with a curling iron to ward off frizz.


2: Messy Curly Bob for Thick Hair

Embody the spirited essence of a messy curly bob, defined by its buoyant texture and effortless shape, yet maintaining a pronounced silhouette that’s full of life and movement.


3: Wavy Bob with Layers

This bob comes in a unified length adorned with layers, rendering it highly adaptable across various hair textures, from thick and wavy to thin and curly, including fine or coarse strands.


4: A-Line Bob with Short Bangs

A modern reinterpretation of the A-line bob, distinguished by layers and succinct bangs. The bold fringe and layers framing the face are particularly advantageous for fine hair, providing the illusion of volume and structure.


5: Side Part Bob with Bouncy Curls

Celebrate the dynamic style of a side-part bob teeming with bouncy curls. This layered approach suits any hair texture, enhancing volume for finer strands and lightening the load for thicker types. Its shorter length ensures a swift drying process, offering a stylish yet manageable hairstyle. Whether styled straight or curled into soft waves, this look embraces versatility.


6: Jaw-Length Curly Bob

This curly bob stands out for its versatility and consistently chic appearance, adaptable to a multitude of styles. Its playful nature, enhanced by subtle pastel tones, offers a sophisticated yet approachable look that’s both chic and decidedly feminine.


7: Barbie Blonde Ringlets

Channel the glamour of Barbie with a curly bob featuring distinct ringlets, ideal for an impactful evening look.


8: Barbie Blonde Curly Bob

Capture the essence of beauty with a Barbie blonde curly hairstyle, highlighted by vibrant blonde hues that accentuate the charm of the curls. Opt for highlights atop a natural brown base, with lowlights to add depth and dimension.


9: Stylish Inverted and Curly Bob

For a chic, modern twist, opt for a curly bob that celebrates natural texture. Air dry for an effortless look and use a curl enhancer to achieve consistent, defined curls. A cut that is shorter in the back and gradually lengthens towards the front lends a contemporary edge.


10: Spectacular Curls on a Bob

Enhance the natural allure of your curls with a bob cut, ideal for rejuvenating your style. A trim to shape and the removal of split ends, known as dusting, can significantly elevate the look of your curls.


11: Classic Short Bob with Curls

This rendition of the classic curly bob is updated for a modern, easy-to-manage style that exudes casual elegance. The short length maximizes volume, accentuating the face and showcasing the wearer’s dynamic, natural waves.


12: Softer Waves

Opt for a bob designed for tightly waved hair, aimed at preventing the style from becoming overly triangular over time. Layering allows for longer lengths without the bottom feeling too heavy or bulky.


13: Specialized Spiraled Deva Cut

Explore the Deva Cut, a bespoke haircut crafted for curly hair by Deva Curl Haircare, perfect for individuals with medium to tight curl patterns looking for a tailored styling solution.


14: Short Stacked Curly Bob

A timeless and feminine short stacked bob, ideally suited for fine hair with a medium curl pattern, offering a flattering silhouette, especially with a high neckline.

Can I Achieve a Curly Bob Hairstyle with Long Bob Haircut?

Achieving a curly bob hairstyle with a long bob haircut is absolutely possible! One of the trendy long bob haircuts, the curly bob offers a fun and flirty twist to your mane. By using curling tools or opting for a perm, you can transform your long bob into a beautiful curly bob hairstyle, creating a stylish and versatile look.

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